Cultivate ​CLARITY


​Dancing Spaces projects are about cultivating lightness in your space and clarity in your being. I guide you through every step of the way, and it begins simply: in the clearing process. By finding the perfect place for every object, you start to create balance in an area or room. You will learn how to notice your surroundings without judgement of yourself, but instead with discernment to identify areas in need of your attention.


Through the Dancing Spaces process, creating a space that emits lightness may only take a couple of days, but integrating the results into your life may take longer. This is completely normal. Every space and every part of the process is unique to the individual


While you will certainly complete this process with a renewed space, remember that the external outcomes are not actually the only objective. The skills learned through the process itself and the inner transformation are understanding attachment and how to let go of things, building up a relationship with my space and my items or even understanding what drives my decisions in terms of arranging my space. Integration is key to substantial and sustainable change.




see, understand and accept your space without judgement. How do you feel when consciously connecting to your surroundings? 


The Outer Work: Clearing space

clean, clear and create your space anew. you will clear the area you want to work with and sort and categorize objects so you can make great decisions.


The Inner Work: creating the new

create and cultivate spaces that feel like you. Use what you have with fresh perspective. stop energy drains.


about letting go
Much of the inner process is about "letting go.“ The process emcompasses many things, including observing thoughts and feeling emotions.

about the magic of NOW
NOW is everything and everything is NOW. Accepting the NOW is to live in present moment versus thinking about the past or the future.

It's so important because if you really want to change something, it is necessary to start from "what is", from where you are.