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​​consultation call

Let’s Talk

​Do you have questions on how and where to start? Consulting might be your first step. Learn the basics in clearing space, identifying areas in need, neutralizing objects, recognizing patterns, and devising next steps.


Clear a Corner

​There are often key areas within our home or work space that we need to utilize the most. This is a great place to start. In clearing one of these essential areas, you will practice the basics of the entire Dancing Spaces process on a small scale.

Optimize a Room

​Ready for more? Optimize a key room in your life. Whether it’s a storage room, office, art space, or family room, you will learn to identify patterns, behaviors, and structures apparent throughout your home and likely your life. The physical outcome is reflective.

Transform a Space

A popular option, with the most significant results. Let’s transform your entire flat, home, or multi-room office. With the skills practiced and tools harnessed from undergoing this transformation, you can take this process as far as you wish to go. 

​Understand that you’re ready to invest in yourself and make changes but still unsure where to start? Take the Dancing Spaces quiz or let’s get on

10 minute free Discovery Call.