about dancing spaces

May I introduce: Mr. Fox

How it started - applying for a job

​He asked for the job during a dancing spaces session. The key and the fox where the only items left in a huge box of things to let go. The carpet was another item that was on the way to leave that space.

We all looked at each other and within seconds the idea was born, to place the fox right in the middle of the room. He looked at us like he was saying: "I wanna do something meaningful." So we gave him the key, which gave the impression that he is keeping something.

"Ok,  for a week", he said in November 2017. He is still there and considers himself as Head of all keepers...

The job - keeper of the consciousness

Everybody who crosses the room now has to watch carefully, not to put the fox down. That brings in a moment of NOW - consciousness. We suggested, whoever touches the fox, is taking a break for 15 minutes meditation. If not doing it instantly, be aware of the story inside that justified why not. Tell the fox or write a note.

The fox agreed. He is very proud on keeping consciousness alive.

Announcement: The fox is waiting for more colleagues to keep the consciousness at more places. So, if you have a cuddly animal looking for a new job, apply now!