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​dancing spaces in general

One goal is to help you set up effective work processes in combination with a harmonic nature-based design, ​that is going to transform your creative and living spaces. You have the chance to experience a lightness, energetically.

Are you interested in what your rooms are telling you about your life? Listening to a room means to accept what is and not to judge it straight away. Your space is supposed to emit lightness. Therefore, attention and care are needed, physically ​as well as energetically. Discover how to do that.

How does it work, to create a dancing space?

​To create a dancing space, there are usually five ​steps involved.

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  • 4
    ​Creating the new
  • 5
    ​Inner process

 1 Acceptance: Every dancing spaces process starts with observing the space as it is. How does it feel to connect to your surroundings, consciously? What thoughts and emotions arise? Is there a desire for something or no desire at all? This part ends with the commitment to take responsibility for what is. This is the only starting point for changing things.

The second step could be every other, depending on the situation of the space. To explain this, I will take you through all steps, which brings us to:

2 Clearing: We will take everything out, create and name categories and sort all objects accordingly. Then decisions will take place. What stays, what goes? That may take some time and the inner work (5) that goes along with it might be a bit challenging.

3 Cleaning: The empty space might need to be cleaned – physically and energetically. This is the next step that needs to be done. It is essential for you, to take in, what this empty space feels like.

4 Creating new: The fourth step is to plan the new structure. It is essential to find a place for every object that is going to stay in your new dancing space. After having finished the rearrangement, take your time to discover and enjoy the new space and begin to connect the outer space (your rooms) with your inner space.

5 Inner process: See, what comes up in terms of decoration. Now it's time to give that space your personal touch. During the next weeks, observe what else is going on in your life. There might be some changes elsewhere to be recognized.

There will be guidance through every process. And it takes as long as it takes. To create a dancing space may take just a couple of hours or days. It can also take a month. There might be longer periods of integrating and accepting the outcome of the work. Every way of creating a dancing space is unique - as unique as you are. The external outcome of a dancing space is not the main objective. It’s the process itself and the transformation inside, that matters most.

visible working results (outside work)

a studio in transformation...

The challenges in that studio: to create different working spaces; to get easy access to ​most of the tools, to create a relaxing space and to deal with very limited space.

The results:

  • ​5 mobile working spaces
  • ​bar with small kitchen
  • ​storage area
  • check
    ​everything is labeled
  • check
    ​direct access to all items


There will be a video uploaded soon.

the station concept - tea/coffee station

The dancing spaces station-concept is an essential part of a functional room. A station ​relays on a topic like "desk", "tea/coffee" or "cleaning". Everything that is needed for ​this topic is placed at that station. There is direct access to all items. Work flows are supported very effectively by a station.

​Watch the video ​to find out, how a tea/coffee station works.

​personal transformation (inside work)

about letting go...

​Many people feel motivated for a specific action, which is fine. But most ideas, goals and items come along with a desire to possess them. ​But the more things we want and ​have, the more we imprison ​ourselves in the material world.

​Dancing spaces keeps an eye on all that ​graving and wanting. Learning to let go means ​to move towards a joy, that only the moment of creation can bring. Letting go means to access the power of freedom. ​

about leting go...

Many people feel motivated when they have a goal, which is great. But most ideas, goals and items are acquired from an attitude of "coveting it" or "me having it". Yet, the more things we want and have, the more we imprison ourselves in the material world. 

Dancing spaces keeps an eye on that grasping and wanting. Learning to let go means to move towards joy that the moment of creation brings. Letting go means to access the power of freedom. 

NOW is everything - everything is NOW.

When the NOW is everything, what we really have, then it is important to accept the present moment as it is, because that is the position or situation you are in at the moment. If you really want to change something, you need to start from "what is". It's the same as you do when orientating yourself on a map, out in nature.

This is the very practical reason why it is so important to accept what is. It is like finding your location on a map. Everything else follows after. And that accepting takes as long as it takes. That acceptance goes together with letting go (as mentioned above).

You may ask, what can I do, if resistance is stronger ​than acceptance. Stay in the present moment, at least for now and watch your thoughts and emotions. Try it for just now. There is some time later, to "practice" resistance again;-)

Whatever you may do with dancing spaces, practicing acceptance is the first to take. In a room it means to sit in there and sense what is. If you are a bit more experienced, you may try to get in contact with your items and the room itself. You may even start a dialog - an incredible experience, as people told me.