dancing spaces

​​​Novel solutions to the problems of space clearing.

  • ​save your life energy
  • ​find your workflow
  • ​improve your quality of work
  • ​calm you down
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    ​open up for others
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    ​be supported in healing ​& personal development


​​Why should one create a dancing space? Because it saves you ​time and life energy on a daily basis. When everything has its place, it just takes seconds to ​get it, when needed. Then your objects can serve you at ​their full potential.

​Your action is going to speed up many times, without working faster. Instead, you are working more slowly, you calm down. Working in your own speed means working in flow.

​As you create space around you, you are going to create space inside. Personal development, healing old pain or creating something new and meaningful new can ​become possible.

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    ​everything is in place
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    ​collect ​your items within seconds
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    your ​items serve you
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    ​find your own speed
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    ​enjoy personal improvement

It’s worse trying it!


​​Flexibility is ​necessary for change and free space is ​necessary for flexibility.

​We can only change what we understand. Recognition, surrender and being in control of our mind leads us towards deeper understanding.

​To create free space means developing courage ​of letting go and understanding. Both brings us closer to ourself, here and now. In that present moment, the new is going to unfold, miraculously.

Let’s create free spaces together.


​​I love to be in places, that ​are filled with energy. I love to work in flow. And I love to have a set routine for random tasks. That's why I started to take a closer look at rooms.

Later I found, clearing your space is a fantastic way to ​get to know yourself. It releases so much stuff while creating a powerful place to be ​at the same time. That's how dancing spaces came into this world.


​​If you feel like: "let's get it started" - there are ​several options to get in touch with me and my work. Just ​give me a call, write an e-mail, send a smoke signal. Then we can talk about it and we'll see, what happens.

​​Just click on ​​the button and get some information right now. I offer help online as well. Skype would be an option for a first talk.

For longer online consultations, I use a tool where recording, chatting and sharing written information is possible too. You ​will have all information available for later as well.

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​@ info(at)dancingspaces.com

​come and visit us in ​a dancing spaces ​studio - Berlin


​​​Are you ready to experience on your own, what dancing spaces is all about? Here is a 2-week-challenge for you.

​Find out something new about yourself. Create a dancing space on your own. I'll send you a check list, that guides you through the whole challenge.

​I am going to support you, if needed. Ask questions and ​share your story, if ​you want to.