Cultivate CLARITY

Through SPACE

A dancing spaces project is all about creating space, finding a home for every thing needed and bring balance to the place, when it comes to the outer work.It all starts with listening to a room, what means to accept what is and not to judge it straight away.

Your space is supposed to emit lightness. Therefore, attention and care are needed, physically as well as energetically.

There will be guidance through every process. To create a dancing space may take just a couple of days. There might be longer periods of integrating the outcome of that work. Every way of creating a dancing.

Space is unique - as unique as you are. Never the less, the external outcomes are not the main objective. It’s the process itself and the transformation inside you, that matters the most.



see & accept

Every dancing spaces process starts with observing the space as it is - How does it feel to connect to your surroundings, consciously? 


clearing space

We will take everything out of the area you want to work with - During that part, we create and name categories and sort all objects accordingly and Then, decisions will take place


creating the new

Use what you have and make that new and working for you, that's how I see changes - it should still feel like your home, after all. 


about letting go

For our work „letting go“ is a term for a process, a whole bunch of things to do, thoughts to watch and emotions to feel.

about the magic of NOW

NOW is everything and everything is NOW. To go with that idea means to accept the present moment as it is. Why? It is the situation you are in at all times. If you really want to change something, you need to start from "what is", from where you are.