Living and working spaces

Let's live together in nature

Let's practice personal development

Let's create work spaces in the woods

Let's be inspired by nature

What is it all about?

Walking a spiritual path in real life - an experiment

It's about a place, where people meet, chat and support each other, find a healthy nutrition. That place supports yoga, meditation, talks and workshops.

It’s a place to practice living together. We also share ideas on the combination of art and spirituality. This space supports you in your daily life as much as possible. It invites you doing things consciously.

It's a place, where people work together. Co-creation, a hacker space and the invitation for DIY will support us to unfold what is in us and discover new talents.

There is an idea of structured space, that gives every object its home. There is a concept of stations that meets a concept of functions and working processes. We call that dancing spaces, because it feels like that, dancing through your space.

There is space for - living

flat mates - guests - community

Flat mates share the passion for yoga and healthy nutrition. There is no dogma but some kind of discipline to keep on track. Guests are more then welcome to join our routine and our community life for some time.

Our guidelines correspond with the eight limbs of the yogasutra. In particular the first limb - YAMA - is meant to be our foundation of living together:

  • Ahimsa - no killing (respect for life)
  • Asteya - no stealing - (respect for others' property, time and energy)
  • Brahmacarya - no sexual misconduct (respect for our pure nature)
  • Satya - no lying (Courage for authentic behaviour)
  • Aparigraha - control of lust (non grasping, hording, non greed, non indulgence)

There is space for - Being

yoga - meditation - detox

We tend to introduce a morning routine, which is known from a yoga retreat center in India. There is yoga and meditation time every day. That could be called “mat time”, „your time“ or „quality time“.

These 90 min are like an appointment with yourself. No matter what you think, do or not do during that time, to be there, on the mat is the only thing we invite you to do. Of course, it is obvious to do yoga. But there could be sitting meditation, pranayama, chanting or reading philosophy.

We are focusing on a healthy nutrition as every day detox support. But we are not perfect in doing so. Another focus lies on the pattern, obstacles and programs, that try to manipulate a healthy and happy life. I guess you know what we are talking about;-). So, let’s face them.

There is space for - Art

art space - talks

Our place includes an artistic space created by Michael Gerth - The green artist. His art represents a combination of sculptures, spirituality and humour. Together we can find ways to experience art in everyday life.

Furthermore, our flat welcomes people to discuss about ways to combine spiritual practice and art. Is consciousness something that can be experienced or accessed through art?

Michael opens up his studio for people, who are interested in experiencing the process of creation. The studio becomes an experimental space, where people have the chance to find out what their gift might be, they have to offer for the world. 

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Let's do things - together

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“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”

Zig Ziglar

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