First things first

Let’s Talk

Consulting might be the first step into a Dancing Spaces project. There might be questions like: How to start? What to do when getting overwhelmed? What to do with old gifts and all of the memories connected to them?


Let the outside reflect your ideal inside. A one-corner-experience is a small project, where things get done and you gain some knowledge. On top of that we get to know each other. There is a better understanding for you, what dancing spaces is all about, while practicing it.


Cultivate a space for you to succeed. A slightly bigger step is to change a whole room into a dancing space. For example, a storage room or your office. There will be some process work and you will experience the physical outcome of a working space on a room with all its functions, structure and energetic well-being.


Let your space be in your service. If you feel ready for a change, we can start with a larger project: changing your flat, your house, your office. The process work is essential. The changes around you will happen as your personal development takes place. There will be a new structure, some new items (maybe). And you will still recognize the place as being yours.