Let your space be in your service. If you feel ready for a change, we can start with a larger project: changing your flat, your house, your office. The process work is essential. The changes around you will happen as your personal development takes place. There will be a new structure, some new items (maybe). And you will still recognize the place as being yours.

This is essential in terms of the outside changes. There will be some changes inside. You will find out about unconscious behavior, pattern, maybe addictions.

But you will still be yourself inside. There is no manipulation nor any “re-programing”. You recognize what is, accept it and “get in contact with your behavior”.

You are going to take the process as far as you wish to go. Some people change completely during a Dancing Spaces project and discover a whole new world afterwards. Others do it step by step and take as much time as they need in between to integrate the NEW.